School Information

School commences at 9:00am and concludes at 3:15pm. The school day is divided into three teaching sessions.

No responsibility is taken for the safety of children in the playground before 8:40am or after 3:40pm


The aim of setting homework is to build strong study habits and to reinforce facts and skills treated in class. It also presents an opportunity for parents to keep in touch with the level of work being attempted by their child.

In the Infants Grades parents are asked to hear their child read. In the primary Grades the children are asked to read. Homework is the responsibility of each child’s teacher and is generally given on a weekly basis – the emphasis being on Mathematics and English. Project work is generally given for the child to complete over a period of days. Homework is not set over weekends.


The tuck-shop, which is run by a sub-committee of the Parents and Friends Association, is open each Monday. Price lists and rosters are sent home through the school Newsletter. To order their lunch children need a bag with their name and order written on it and money enclosed. This bag is placed in the lunch basket in each classroom before school on Monday mornings.


Pastoral Care at St Joseph’s School refers to that climate of care which originates in the attitude of respect, acceptance, understanding, real interest and love which teachers show their students individually in the various dimensions of school life. Such an atmosphere in the school encourages the development of emotional and spiritual well-being of individuals and the development of effective relationships between students, teachers and parents.