St Joseph’s School, as a Catholic Primary School, recognises the uniqueness of each student.

The Sisters of St Joseph founded our school in 1908 with the aim of educating the whole person. We continue to strive to do this by offering varied educational activities.

Parents must have a genuine desire for the religious values of St Joseph’s School; its Catholic ethos, goals, aims and objectives. St Joseph’s School is committed to a vision of parents as the first educators of their children.

Enrolment into the school therefore expresses a commitment by parents to fully support school policies, practices and activities. This commitment extends to the School Board and the Parents and Friends’ Association.

Where the interests of a child or parent cannot be met within the school, an alternative education facility will be suggested to help meet the family’s needs.

In accepting an offer of enrolment, parents agree to pay all school fees and charges by the due date. If genuine financial need exists, parent contact with the Principal is required.

At all times the Principal may enrol a student where it is in the pastoral interests of that family,   regardless of all other factors. Such a decision would be made with appropriate consultation (eg The Parish Priest, The Catholic Education Office).

The acceptance of an application form does not guarantee an enrolment interview or an offer of enrolment.

Enrolment at St Joseph’s School shall only be offered where the school has age-appropriate accommodation and the requisite resources to respond to any specific needs of the student.

Enrolment at St Joseph’s School does not guarantee enrolment in any other Catholic school.

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